Resident Evil Revelations hits 3DS February 7 in US, Europe January 27

Resident Evil Revelations was one of the first 3DS games that really impressed us, at least visually, and we’ve been waiting a good while for the system’s first real Resident Evil game (Mercenaries 3D doesn’t count). Today Capcom revealed the US and UK release dates for the 3DS action-horror mash-up, with UK getting it first on January 27 of next year, with it arriving in the US almost two weeks later on February 7.

Taking place between RE4 and RE5, it features series regulars Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield along with vaguely interesting newcomers Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat. And since it takes place before RE5, you can’t totally count out arch villain Albert Wesker from appearing, perhaps with the game’s main villains, terrorist group Veltro. Those guys have to be getting their T-Virus stuff from somewhere. Along with the announcement came news that GameStop preorders for the title come with a special 3DS case based on the official box art.

As long as we’re talking Resident Evil Revelations, why not check out the extended TGS trailer for the game. Watch as a confused, genetically blessed young lady wanders around an abandoned boat until she dies. FUN!

Oct 4, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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