Resident Evil officially acknowledges Mouseley in a cheesy tweet

Resident Evil 4
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Much to the delight of fans, Resident Evil has posted a rather cheesy tweet acknowledging Mouseley.

Resident Evil 4's Ashley Graham is looking a little different these days, and it has nothing to do with the new-gen remake of the classic survival horror game. No, we're referring to the bizarre new trend that has seen artists reimagining the character as a teeny little mouse. We're not quite sure why this is a thing either, but it's certainly adorable. 

As we reported last week, the craze started when Twitter user Agrimmora asked, "What if you booted up Resident Evil 4 remake and Ashley was just a tiny mouse." The tweet was accompanied by a drawing of Ashley as a little mouse pestering Leon for cheese. The idea quickly spread, and before long, many other artists were sharing their doodles of Mouseley.

And it seems that fans aren't the only ones who approve of Ashley's mousey makeover. Recently, the official Resident Evil Twitter account shared a tweet containing nothing but two emojis: a mouse and a block of cheese.

Many fans have taken this as confirmation that Mouseley is now officially part of the Resi universe. "This is now canon and I love it," says @TWC190 in the comments. Another writes, "I can actually imagine a mode where Mouse Ashley being chased by cultists is a thing", and some are hoping this means a mouse ears accessory for Ashley is on the way. Then there's @profjpg, who says, "Please add a DLC with a tiny mouse Ashley skin. I will buy it, no matter the price. PLEASE!"

Others think the tweet isn't about Mouseley at all but is actually a reference to D.I.J., the rodent from Code Veronica and that Capcom is actually hinting that this will be the next game in the Resident Evil back catalogue to get a modern reimagining.

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