Resident Evil fans think a 5 remake is guaranteed after Separate Ways

Resident Evil timeline - Resident Evil 5
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Resident Evil fans sure think a remake of the fifth mainline entry is in store after Separate Ways.

Last week, Resident Evil 4 remake players' prayers were finally answered with the launch of Separate Ways, the DLC chapter following Ada Wong's adventures alongside the base game. The DLC also includes archvillain Albert Wesker, and it's the appearance of the villain that fans think sets up a remake of Resident Evil 5.

Ok they're definitely making a RE5 Remake right? It's a matter of when not if, right? from r/residentevil

In all, it's not a bad theory - Wesker's final line sure does set up the confrontation between himself and Chris in Resident Evil 5. It would be a bit weird if Capcom ended its remake plans there, and had players revisiting a 14-year-old game if they wanted to see what became of Wesker's threatening final line, instead of giving them a shiny new remake.

We would point to Resident Evil 5 being available on modern platforms to question whether it needs a remake, but then again, so too was Resident Evil 4 prior to its remake earlier this year. It doesn't really look like ease of access is a concern for Capcom when it comes to remaking its Resident Evil games from scratch over several years of development.

Resident Evil 5 has, somehow, attained a bit of a cult-like following in the Resident Evil community since it launched. As someone who played it at launch, and clearly remembers it being a bad game in its own right - not just because it paled in comparison to its predecessor - it's reverence is just downright baffling. Nostalgia can be a highly deceptive lens.

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