Resident Evil 8 producers reveal new plot points and enemy details

(Image credit: Capcom)

A bunch of brand new details about Resident Evil 8 have just been revealed, including plot points and character details.

Famitsu magazine recently had an interview with Resident Evil 8 producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano, which was translated in the Twitter thread below by user @cvxfreak. Firstly, Famitsu confirms that it's Chris Redfield who takes protagonist Ethan Winters to the village featured in Resident Evil 8, and Ethan awakens to find himself there after an unknown amount of time has passed.

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Elsewhere in the Famitsu spread, there's a photo of villagers praying together in a circle. What's interesting about this is that the werewolf-like creatures appear to actually be protecting them. Could they be part of a cult?

There's also a villager in a trench coat that will sell items to Ethan in Resident Evil 8. This reminded the interviewee of the merchant from Resident Evil 4, and although producers Kanda and Fabiano couldn't really reveal anything more about the mysterious merchant, they did say that he'll be someone that Ethan's life depends on.

The interviewee also asks the producers about the werewolf-like creatures seen in Resident Evil 8 footage so far. The pair revealed that although the creatures can't speak a language, they do behave with a pack mentality, and can even wield weapons.

Finally, Kanda and Fabiano commented on the recently-revealed picture book animation scenes debuted in a recent trailer for Resident Evil 8. The pair confirmed that the scenes are actually in the final product, but they aren't playable.

Resident Evil 8 is currently set to release at some point in 2021, for the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Although Kanda recently revealed that the development team at Capcom are trying to find a way to get the game onto current-gen consoles, he couldn't promise that a release on the PS4 and Xbox One would happen.

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