Resident Evil 7 lets you heal with green herbs because some things never change

Resident Evil 7 will star a "powerless, ordinary person" but they'll still be able to effectively treat their wounds with leafy plants of indeterminate origin. Capcom has revealed some of the healing items headed to the mysterious survival horror sequel to Resident Evil Ambassadors (via Eurogamer), and they all look pretty familiar - with one exception.

Green herbs have been the healing item of choice in Resident Evil since the very beginning, and players have long been able to combine them for enhanced effects. It's not at all surprising that Resident Evil 7 would hew to that series tradition even as it casts off others. The only mystery is the coin.

The Resident Evil 7 demo uses a picture of a pelican coin on its brightness adjustment screen. The Ambassador Information picture is too low-resolution to tell if they're the same coin. I doubt that Capcom is trying to hype people up about some kind of microtransaction-powered healing system, but GR+ news boss Leon Hurley suggested it might all have something to do with Resident Evil 4's merchant.

The strange man with a gravelly voice and a coat full of reasonably priced firearms (and, of particular note here, healing items) remains a fan-favorite character. A normal person would need plenty of both to survive a Resident Evil adventure, so now would be a good time for the merchant to make his grand re-entrance.

According to that disembodied finger teaser for Resident Evil 7, we may learn more about the game's many secrets at Tokyo Game Show next month.

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