Resident Evil 7 confirmed for PS4, fully playable in VR, coming 24 Jan 2017

Capcom has confirmed Resident Evil 7 for release early next year, at Sony’s E3 Conference – and the entire game is playable in PS VR.

Reveal footage teases that the story is linked to the Kitchen tech demo we wrote about at last year’s show, with lots of classic Resi scares: mannequins in dark hallways, cockroaches scuttling across dimly lit surfaces, and a phone call warning that “if you don’t get out of there, they will kill you”.

This is a big, big move away from the B-movie run-and-gun shooting galleries of Resis 5 and 6, harking back to the super-intense, Blair-Witch-like fear of the unknown that made early Resi games so special (and frightening) – and there’s an unmistakeable PS1-era Silent Hill vibe there too.

It’s classic horror, and in VR it should be terrifying – although you can play the conventional way too.

Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer:

Resident Evil 7 is released for PS4 on 24 January 2017. 

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