Imagine Silent Hills on PS4s Morpheus VR oh, thats new horror game Kitchen

Its name is Kitchen, and it’s currently the talk of the E3 show floor. Tucked away in Sony’s invite-only room, and then further hidden in an appointment-only booth, this mysterious new virtual reality concept by Capcom is fast becoming the breakout star of the show.

Here’s the setup: in the middle of the Sony booth is an old wooden chair. I’m told to sit down, put on a Morpheus headset, take hold of DualShock 4 and get ready for something scary… When the game begins I’m sat – on a wooden chair – in the kitchen of a run-down apartment, with a a dead guy to my left and a video camera pointing at my face. When I look at my hands I see they’re bound together with wire. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

Throwing my arms forward knocks the camera over, and the dead guy promptly wakes up. Nope, he’s not dead at all. He grabs a knife, stumbles over and, just when I start to sweat, makes it clear we need to escape and tells me to hold up my bindings so he can cut me loose. Seeing him saw in panic so close to my face is distressing (he tells me to keep my arms up, and still), but thankfully the knife doesn’t slip and hit me in the face.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t slip and stab me because a monster, who’s pretty much Lisa from PT, jumps up behind him, grabs the weapon and starts stabbing him to death in front of me before turning her attention to… me. Oh god.

The rest is very bloody, and incredibly fun. The death of Silent Hills still hurts, but I think we’ve found a replacement… When GR+ spoke to Morpheus’ head, Shuhei Yoshida back in March, he mentioned that he’d love to see a PT style game on Morpheus. This is very much that game.

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