Resident Evil 6 sells 4.9 million in FY 2013

Resident Evil 6 managed to sell 4.9 million copies through the 2013 fiscal year, a far cry from Capcom's original projection of 7 million. The action horror reunion tour sold well at launch but lost momentum more quickly than expected, the publisher said in its most recent financial statement.

DmC: Devil May Cry brought in solid sales with "stable" popularity overseas, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U brought in weaker than expected package sales. On the other hand, Dragon's Dogma became a surprise success in Japan and abroad, clearing the tough million-sale barrier for a new IP in an unfamiliar genre.

Capcom's home gaming division saw slightly stronger sales at ¥63.6 billion ($643.3 million) through the 2013 fiscal year, up 6.4 percent from 2012.

Capcom expects stronger performance in the 2014 fiscal year, thanks to the planned release of Monster Hunter 4 on Nintendo 3DS and Lost Planet 3 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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