Resident Evil 4 villain Sazalar gets a creepy life-sized body pillow that you have to see to believe

Resident Evil 4
(Image credit: Capcom)

This Resident Evil 4 body pillow turns Salazar into a giant cushion for a special giveaway, and we want to know how this was allowed to happen.  

As revealed below by Oculus earlier today on November 12, a heinous body pillow of one of Resident Evil 4's weird villains is being given away in a special contest. Well, if a body pillow of Salazar is something that you actually want haunting your home, then you're fresh out of luck, because the competition run by Oculus has actually closed.

As Oculus explains on its Japanese website, the rules to win revolved around beating Resident Evil 4 in VR with an Oculus Quest 2, without dying. The first 100 people to achieve this feat would be emailed a special certificate, while 10 of those would be automatically entered to win a life-size body pillow of Salazar.

Imagine that monstrosity showing up at your house. While Oculus was originally planning on manufacturing just 10 of the horrific body pillows of Salazar, they've doubled that reward amount, for some unknown reason, so now 20 people throughout the world are unwittingly going to have a body pillow of Resident Evil 4's villain thrust upon them. Resident Evil 4 is a scary game, but it's plumbing new depths of horror here.

Well, this sure is one way for Oculus to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil 4 in VR. The virtual reality version of Capcom's classic shooter launched just last month, bringing Leon S. Kennedy's action-packed adventure to a brand new frontier. As we previously wrote about, it turns out Capcom actually edited out some of the weirdly horny dialog surrounding Ashley Graham, which is a small mercy in the face of these wrinkly pillows now being sent out to 20 unfortunate souls. 

For our hands-on time with the revival, head over to our Resident Evil 4 VR impressions for more.

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