Resident Evil 4 Remake's biggest cut feature could be coming as DLC

Resident Evil 4
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Dataminers have uncovered evidence that Resident Evil 4 Remake will be getting the original game's Separate Ways campaign as DLC.

As noted by Resident Evil Central on Twitter, dataminer Gosetsu has discovered a folder for 'Another Order,' the name used in the Japanese version of Resident Evil 4 for the Separate Ways campaign. This folder sits alongside references to the Chainsaw demo and the previously announced Mercenaries mode, which launches in April as free DLC.

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Prolific horror gaming leaker Dusk Golem hinted earlier this month that Separate Ways would be hitting RE4 Remake as "more extensive paid DLC to be delivered probably later this year." While you may want to avoid this link if you're dodging spoilers on how the remake handles the later stages of the game, there are some late-game dialog hints that Separate Ways is coming, too.

Separate Ways was essentially DLC before the idea of downloadable content was feasible for most console games. Unlocked after completing the main campaign, the bonus story follows Ada Wong's adventures through the plot of Resident Evil 4, exploring all the off-screen action she gets up to. In its original form, Separate Ways mostly explored remixed versions of areas already present in the main game,

The bonus campaign was not part of the original release of Resident Evil 4 on GameCube, but was added for the PS2 version released later in the year. Yes, there was once a time where you didn't just have to shell out 20 bucks for a big add-on expansion - you had to buy a whole new game and potentially even a new console. The Separate Ways campaign has since been included in pretty much every modern version of the 2005 Resident Evil, from the Wii version up through the modern HD editions available on platforms like Steam.

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