Resident Evil 4 demo secrets for Mad Chainsaw mode and the TMP

Resident Evil 4 demo mad chainsaw mode ganados zombies in hunter's lodge cellar
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The Resident Evil 4 demo has some secrets up its sleeve, allowing you to get the TMP weapon early and experience Mad Chainsaw mode. If you’re up for another challenge, there’s also a way to spawn two Chainsaw Men (also known as Dr Salvador) during the main village fight. These demo secrets are great ways of keeping things fresh and challenging in the demo and should keep you occupied until the Resident Evil 4 Remake releases fully. Here are three Resident Evil 4 demo secrets and how you can activate them to keep Leon Kennedy on his toes.

Resident Evil 4 demo secret Mad Chainsaw mode

Resident Evil 4 demo mad chainsaw mode difficulty screen

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The first Resident Evil 4 demo secret is ‘Mad Chainsaw mode’ - a secret, extreme difficulty option that has a random chance of activating whenever you start a new game. Importantly, Mad Chainsaw mode will not be available in the full game and is exclusive to this demo. It’s usually random event, but you can enter a cheat code (thanks Miner50001 on Twitter) on the demo’s main menu to reliably activate the mode - I’ve tested it several times and it works consistently! If you really want to give this a shot, here’s the code you need for the Resident Evil 4 demo Mad Chainsaw mode:

Resident Evil 4 Mad Chainsaw mode cheat code

  • PlayStation: Hold L1 + R1 and press Up D-Pad, Left D-Pad, Down D-Pad, Right D-Pad, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X.
  • Xbox: Hold LB + RB and press Up D-Pad, Left D-Pad, Down D-Pad, Right D-Pad, X, Y, B, A, A.
  • Note that you must hold L1 + R1 / LB + RB the entire time you are entering the code.

It’s significantly harder than the demo’s regular difficulty and has many more enemies packed into it, making it a serious challenge for seasoned Resident Evil players. Based on the name, I was expecting all Ganados to be replaced by chainsaw dudes or a significant increase in chainsaws, but that doesn’t appear to be the case - it’s Resident Evil 4 tuned way beyond 10.

Resident Evil 4 demo TMP location 

Resident Evil 4 demo map for TMP in well

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You can actually get the Resident Evil 4 TMP during this demo at the main village Leon reaches shortly after escaping the Hunter’s Lodge. It’s a decent weapon too, and collecting it with the method below means Leon will have it for any future demo playthroughs too, although we don’t yet know if this secret applies to the upcoming full game. Here’s what you need to do to get your hands on this tiny tactical machine pistol:

  1. Play through the Resident Evil 4 demo normally but discard everything in your inventory before you reach the gate that leads into the village. A good spot to do this is the first typewriter you find after the Hunter’s Lodge.
  2. Open the gate to the village and head down the main path as normal.
  3. Take the first right, then turn left to reach a small courtyard behind the cow shed.
  4. Head over to the well on the edge of the courtyard and climb down. If you do not discard your gear, this well will be covered and cannot be accessed.
  5. Inside the well, you’ll find a blue chest with the TMP inside and four barrels, two of which will contain ammunition for the 

Resident Evil 4 demo firing TMP at crowd of Ganados in the village

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With the TMP in hand, get out there and wreck some Ganados and the chainsaw man. Although be aware that the TMP can chew through ammo, so spray and pray with caution, especially since you had to give up your pistol and knife to get it! Even though Leon keeps the TMP for subsequent Resident Evil 4 demo playthroughs, you can repeat this secret as many times as you like.

Resident Evil 4 demo Chainsaw Man secret

Resident Evil 4 demo knife parry against chainsaw man

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What’s better than one Chainsaw Man? Two! Again, we're not sure if this is something that'll be in the final game, but if you want the added challenge of battling two Dr Salvadors (not at the same time) in Resident Evil 4 demo, follow these steps courtesy of RuleTime on Twitter:

  1. Head to the gate at the other end of the village to trigger the cutscene and get Chainsaw Man one to appear. 
  2. Kill the Chainsaw Man. You’ll want to do this quickly to minimize the beating you’ll get from Ganados. Best to use the TMP, knife, and some kicks.
  3. Run back down the path to the village square and head inside the house on the right. This will trigger another cutscene where Leon gets inside safely but Ganados start breaking in. You’ll also see Chainsaw Man two show up to saw the door off.

When you get inside this house, make sure you move the wooden shelf unit to cover the window and grab the shotgun at the top of the stairs. You can also grab some shells for it on the bed. Do note that fighting both Chainsaw Men doesn’t do much aside from fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment - congratulations! 

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