Resident Evil 3 spoilers reveal difficulty details and an alternate ending

(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 3 spoilers have started appearing online a little over a week before the game is set to hit stores, and they include gameplay details as well as story teasers.

If you want to play the game with as little foreknowledge as possible, you have officially been warned. Now that players are sniffing out details from the Resident Evil 3 demo data and other sources, the spoiler floodgates have opened. Admittedly, we've already known the main story beats for the last 20 years. But Capcom has confirmed that it's taking a little more creative license for this remake than it did with Resident Evil 2, so there will be more surprises to spoil this time.

These leaks (via a post on ResetEra from the same person behind a recent set of Resident Evil 8 rumors) aren't verified, so you should take any information pulled from them with a grain of salt. They do sound consistent with what we've learned of the game so far.

The spoilers point out some story details by way of which areas appear to be included in the game, but they also reveal some of the mechanics behind the game. Most notably, it looks like there will be four difficulty modes at launch that range from Assist Mode, which gives you partially regenerating health and a complimentary assault rifle, to Super Hard Mode, which makes enemies extra aggressive and changes their locations.

The leaks also provide some detail about the New Game+ mode. The mode will allegedly be unlocked once you beat the game on any difficulty, and it will make changes to certain parts of the campaign as well as the ending. It sounds like it will take the place of the Leon and Claire "B" campaigns that showed what the other main character was up to in Resident Evil 2.

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