Resident Evil 3 remake producers promise "there will be no delay"

(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom's Peter Fabiano and Masao Kawada have explicitly promised fans that their Resident Evil 3 remake won't be delayed past its April 3 release date. The devs also said the remake's development is about 90% complete, which sounds about right considering launch is only three months away.

In an interview with Famitsu, the producers responded to the relatively brief time period between the December announcement of the Resident Evil 3 remake and its April release date. "I promise that there will be no delay," was their response, translated from Japanese.

The acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake was first announced in 2015 and didn't release until January 2019. It's nice of the two producers on RE3make to put fans at ease by committing to the fast-approaching release date.

It seems extraordinary that the Resident Evil 3 remake could release just 15 months after the Resident Evil 2 remake, especially considering its sizable multiplayer component, Resident Evil: Resistance. It makes more sense when you remember Capcom had been developing the two games on the same engine and planned to release them together in one package. Since work had already begun on RE3make at the time RE2make was released, the wait time was considerably shorter.

The producers say the Resident Evil 3 remake will offer a new experience for fans of the original, even more-so than the Resident Evil 2 remake did. "People who know the original can enjoy it fresh," reads Fabiano's translated comment.

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