Rumor: New Resident Evil coming in 2021 is cross-gen and "biggest departure" in series history

(Image credit: Capcom)

Twitter user AestheticGamer has another rumor to share about a new Resident Evil game, this time calling the in-development project "the biggest departure the series has ever taken."

According to the rumor, the new Resident Evil game won't be another remake. Instead, it's said to be a perplexing new entry and potentially controversial. So controversial, in fact, that the rumor source thinks "a lot of people will be pissed off about it when it's revealed." But AestheticGamer encourages fans to be open-minded, assuring fans it's "a high-quality game."

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Things get even more perplexing when the source mentions that development on the game is "very similar" to the original Resident Evil 3 (not the remake). "I won't expand on what I mean by that until later," reads one tweet.

Apparently, the new Resident Evil has been in development since late 2016 and is set to be announced "really soon," so at least if the rumor is true, we won't have to wait long to hear more.

Of course, it's natural to speculate that the new rumor foretells an imminent Resident Evil 8 announcement. AestheticGamer has spoken in the past about Resident Evil 8 rumors - which say RE8 will take place in a pseudo-European setting filled with monsters - but it isn't clear if the supposed 2021 release is something different.

Fortunately, we have Resident Evil 3 to keep us occupied until we hear something official about the next Resident Evil, and there's already a silly mod that gives Nemesis a banana-hammock (yes, really).

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