Resi Outbreak: File 2 to be online in Britain. Hurrah!

It's terrifying knowing that they are out there. Thousands of them, all waiting to feast on your brains and tear you limb from limb. Yep, we all know that the internet is a scary place but even the darkest recesses of the web are going to get a lot more scary with the news that Resi Outbreak File 2 will be playable online in the UK.

The release of the original Outbreak was a classic 'glass half full' moment. despite being less sophisticated than the Japanese version due to the missing internet element. It was like finding a zombie chewing on your leg only to discover that it was an undead Angelina Jolie. Swings and roundabouts.

But this time Capcom have had no such problems with translations or servers, or the hundreds of other reasons that were suggested for the problem, and so both Resi and Monster Hunter will be playable online across Europe.

Although hardly known over here, Monster Hunter has been a huge success in Japan ever since it was released back in March. With four players meeting digitally to chase down the beasts, defending towns and trading armour, the game recently won Game Of The Year at the CESA Awards ahead of GTA Vice City and Onimusha 3.

Both Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 and Monster Hunter will be released on PS2 in summer 2005