Resi 4's cutting-edge controller

Where does your lightgun live? Is it in a cupboard under a thick layer of greasy crud next to a Soda Stream, a Brevel sandwich toaster and Segway? Well, we may have the perfect gadget to keep it company in the bloody shape of the Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller.

Designed by someone at NubyTech who didn't get enough cuddles during his formative years, both Capcom and Nintendo have given the controller their blessing and promised to make it the official device of Resident Evil 4 when it hits Gamecube next year.

Coming with a blood-splattered base, this huge handheld doesn't require you to lop off a limb like Ash in Evil Dead 2 as the buttons have been carefully placed to ensure ergonomic butchery. But the beast isn't just for show as, once you start playing, an on-board sound chip produces a hearty roar that is meant to be the soundtrack to your own zombie holocaust.

The Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller will be unleashed in the States on 4 January (the same day as the game) at a wallet-gouging $50. At the moment it looks highly unlikely that the device will be coming over here or making its way to PS2 but that's what they said about the game now, wasn't it?

Resident Evil 4 will chop its way on to Gamecube in March and on to PS2 in late 2005