Cover reveal: Resident Evil 4's devs on bringing survival horror back to life

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PLAY #25 is out now! Resident Evil 4 takes the cover as we talk to the developers about making the remake scarier than ever! Plus, the big PSVR2 launch verdict, Elder Scrolls Online’s Lovecraftian future, hands-on with Granblue’s epic action RPG, and much more inside!

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Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

(Image credit: Future, Capcom)

It almost feels like we’ve travelled to the past this issue, as we get very excited about Resident Evil 4, review the incredible Dead Space, and take a peek at some brand new Elder Scrolls adventures, where things this time get a bit more Lovecraftian. But that’s no bad thing – these series have staying power.

The ’00s this isn’t, meaning it’s new tech like PS5 that, in part, has us so excited. As we talk all things Resident Evil 4 with the remake’s producer, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, it’s clear that, despite revisiting the iconic game, Capcom isn’t tied to the past. What we’ve seen is ambitious enough that it feels like survival horror is being reinvented yet again, just as the original game did in 2004.

PlayStation VR2


(Image credit: Future, Sony)

This month we welcome new hardware into our lives, including impressions on the DualSense Edge controller and (most importantly) the launch of PlayStation VR2. The unit itself kicks off a celebratory-sized reviews section.

Not only do we tell you all you need to know about the hardware itself, but review a brand-new Horizon title exclusive to VR, give you the verdict on the impressively tactile new Star Wars, and more. The second VRevolution stars here.

Dead Space impresses on PS5

Dead Space

(Image credit: Future, EA)

But the hardware we have continues to impress, even if PSVR2 isn’t for you. Dead Space, only on current-gen consoles like PS5, is truly a special remake - one that really makes full use of the new hardware.

We also give the verdicts on Forspoken, Wild Hearts, Witch On The Holy Night, Like A Dragon: Ishin, Fashion Police Squad, and loads more (seriously… so many) – including checking back in on Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0. While Dead Space is a new favourite, there are some disappointments in the mix too.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink

(Image credit: Future, Cygames)

But back to the beginning… the Insider section houses our hands-on with Granblue Fantasy: Relink at the series’ Tokyo celebration, where we got to play the game as part of the first global showcase of the game… ever!

We also chat with David Bottomley and Andrew Coggan on bringing housebound time-travel puzzle game Eternal Threads to life, take a look at the reveals of The Last Of Us’ second TV season and The Crew Motorsport, and even discuss the importance of official cosplay guides.

The Elder Scrolls Online's new chapter goes Eldritch

The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom

(Image credit: Future, Bethesda, Zenimax)

Just as the likes of Resi 4 and Dead Space are blasts from the past, The Elder Scrolls Online continues to tickle our RPG itch. The ever-evolving game continues to go from strength to strength as the Necrom chapter approaches, and we talk with creative director Rich Lambert about the new adventure.

Horror game Holstin gives us a chiller like we’ve (literally) never seen before, we learn the perils of a fry up gone wrong in Cook Serve Forever, and much more besides.

RetroStation: Final Fantasy 14's localisation reborn

Final Fantasy 14

(Image credit: Future, Square Enix)

The RetroStation highlight this month is all about Final Fantasy 14 as Michael Koji-Fox tells us all about the challenge of localising the wordy for the game’s infamous big relaunch. Plus Silent Hill: Origins, Tekken 2, Dark Mist, and more!

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Oscar Taylor-Kent

PLAY editor Oscar Taylor-Kent first joined Official PlayStation Magazine in 2018, and was involved with the long-standing mag’s rebrand into PLAY before becoming editor. Despite being a PlayStation expert (and noted PS Vita apologist), he’s got fingers on many buttons, having also written for GamesRadar, SFX, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Waypoint, Official Xbox Magazine, GamesMaster, PCGamesN, and Xbox to name but a few.

When not knee deep in character action games, JRPGs, and visual novels, he’s often found reading books, manga, or binging anime. His current favourite games include Devil May Cry, Persona, Ace Attorney, and Hakuoki.