Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (August 17-23)

(Image credit: Thornet / Microsoft / E4)

1. Dead Pixels brings British gaming banter to the US 

That rarest of things, a TV show about gaming that actually gets it and is funny besides, makes the voyage from the UK to the US this week. Dead Pixels tells the story of Meg, Nicky and Usman, who spend their time together in the game Kingdom Scrolls. Together they face monsters, rival players, and awkward situations like introducing a potential boyfriend to your online world. Writer Jon Brown has also worked on Fresh Meat and Misfits, while you'll recognize actress Alexa Davies from Harlots and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and Will Merrick from Skins. Rachel Weber

What: Dead Pixels
Where: The CW
When: August 18 

2. Bring your golf game to, uh, the new golf game in PGA Tour 2K21 

(Image credit: 2K)

Tee up, swing wide, and bring all your other obligatory golf metaphors to 2K Games' latest iteration of the long-running PGA Tour sports sim series from HB Studios. Formally a series under the EA Sports franchise banner, PGA Tour is set to return this year with a new look, feel, and sense of ambition with 2K21, which promises so much more than just your average golf game. For one thing, it looks fantastic, with world-famous, perfectly captured courses translated to your TV screen, along with all your favourite players to step into the shoes of. Expect plenty to tuck into when it lands on PC and console later this week. Alex Avard

What: PGA Tour 2K21
Where: PC, PS4, Xbox One
When: August 21 

3. Microsoft Flight Simulator is about to offer you the best virtual tourism yet 

You may dismiss Flight Simulator 2020 as a pursuit only for those looking for the ultimate simulation experience. Those who probably own some kind of flight stick and know exactly what the difference between attitude and altitude is. But, launching in beta as part of Game Pass means that Flight Simulator 2020 is actually very accessible, in more ways than one. Think of it as the most stunning form of virtual tourism, where you can fly by the greatest monuments and vistas of the world at the drop of a pin on a map. Flying is easy enough, thanks to a range of tutorials, and there are challenges to trial too. But more importantly, it's a zen way to spend a few hours taking in the sights the world has to offer without leaving your home. And in a year where the pandemic makes real-life travel much more complicated, that's definitely enticing. 

What: Flight Simulator 2020 launching in beta
Where: PC 

When: August 18 

4. High Score is Netflix’s take on the complete history of video games 

Despite being a billion-dollar industry, video games rarely get the love and attention they deserve on a wider, more mainstream level. New Netflix documentary High Score aims to change all that by charting the path of the medium, from Mario-led beginnings, right up into today’s esports-dominated scene.

Narrated by Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, High Score covers everything from the Nintendo and Sega rivalry of the ‘90s, to the game that single-handedly caused a video game crash in E.T. Whether you’re been jumping for joysticks for decades or just want to find out more about the long and fabled history of your favourite pastime, there’s going to be something for you here.  Bradley Russell

What: High Score
Where: Netflix
When: August 19 

5. Griefhelm

Griefhelm is what I imagine you'd get if you compressed a game like Chivalry into 2D rather. It is, at its core, a 2D action game, but there's a distinct medieval flare to it that sets it apart. Rather than fast, it feels more accurate to call its combat short, as in quickly decided. The many weapons at your disposal are truly lethal, both in your hands and the enemies', so you need to strike and defend carefully. 

The passion project of solo developer Johnny Dale Lonack, Griefhelm was built around a campaign, but it also sports online and local multiplayer, which is a surprise for a game built around duels. But even with multiple people on-screen, Griefhelm never looks overly busy. Its clean art and minimalist environments keep the focus on its meticulously animated knights, which really sells its pitched combat. 

What: Griefhelm
When: August 20
Where: PC (Steam) 

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