Reggie doesn't kick ass

Tuesday 23 January 2007
Reggie Fils-Aime is quite a guy. Ever since his "kickin' ass and takin' names" opening gambit at E3 2004 we've had a special place in our hearts for the cheeky-faced Nintendo of America pres. But is the Regginator going soft?

In a Q&A on GamePro, Fils-Aime was asked the following not-so-subtly loaded question: "Sony appears to be having difficulties moving a large number of PS3s. What, if anything, do you think is to blame for this? A high price? A lack of must have games?"

Despite setting him up so sweetly for a massive damage dealing, ass kicking response opportunity, the big man from the big N simply replied: "Happily, that's a question you'll have to put to Sony."

So, no kickin' ass from the Fils with the skills for Sony this time - just some good ol' fashioned smugness. Go Reggie.

Above: Ignore the dodgy dad suit - this man could kick your ass all the way to the Mushroom Kingdom and back again