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Redesigned PlayStation app lets PS4 and PS5 players connect in all-new ways

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The PlayStation app is ready to go for the PS5 era. 

Sony announced that players can access all-new features and tools in the app to go along with their PS4 or PS5. Players can use the app for a wide variety of purposes, including checking which of their friends are online and what games they're playing. The app also allows you to connect further with your friends with access to text and voice chat right from the app.

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Those looking to expand their gaming library will also be able to do this from the app, downloading games to their PS4 or PS5 remotely from their mobile phone. This goes hand-in-hand with another app tool which will give players the ability to browse the PlayStation store from the app and access all the games that they want at any time.

Users can also get a hold of all the latest news in PlayStation gaming from the app, allowing them to stay on top of new releases and information.

This is just the latest addition to the PlayStation experience as the arrival of PS5 approaches, giving players a way to connect their devices and make everything from socializing to game downloads easier. The update also provides some competition to the Xbox Series X, which will also offer a companion app that gives players the ability to connect with their console remotely.

The PlayStation 5 will debut on November 12.

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