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Real-time commentary for FIFA

Soccergames are bigger than ever before, raking in millions for the likes of EA and Konami (especially in the UK). But what does 'next-gen' really mean for soccer games? Well, less repetitive commentary for a start...

Speakingrecently about the future of soccer games and their move to next-gen systems, Andrew Wilson, executive producer of soccer, EA explained, "We ran out of space on the disc with current gen. Last year's FIFA had 26 leagues, 15 thousand players, kits, players, stadiums, audio and music, you just run out of space. The next gen discs have got more space so in the short term we will have much more commentary on our games."

Wilson believes that the online sides of PS3 and 360 are where developers can really takesoccer to a new level. "Looking long term, these consoles are now online. And I would love to think that we can start to pump dynamic commentary into the game on a weekly basis so you never hear the same thing twice.

"But think about competitions. Imagine having commentators popping up to commentate on interactive games. So you're not reliant on commentary from our game anymore, you got someone who gets online and comments every week instead, who then gets a reputation."

Food for thought? We'll be on the lookout for aspiring babblers.

March 29, 2007