Re-Inventing Eddie review

Eddie Harris (John Lynch) is just a normal father. He really is. It's just that when his kids catch him getting jiggy with wife Jeanie (Geraldine Somerville), they proceed to tell their teachers about the bathroom games he plays with them to get them dry. Before you can say "kiddie-fiddler", Eddie finds himself under investigation by social services, separated from his family and faced with traumatic false accusations...

Pulling tonal flip-flops between dippy comedy and serious drama, this story of a family in crisis is an odd one. With Eddie veering erratically between kooky dad and shouty idiot, it's hard to tell whether we're about to enjoy a fuzzy heartwarmer or be pitched into the abyss.

Maybe that's half the point, but writer/ director Jim Doyle can't stop the movie wobbling off balance. Still, his cast are a major lift, with Lynch bringing sincerity to an awkward role and Fast Show alumnus John Thompson supplying gentle humour as his best mate.

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