Rayman returns for UK DS launch

Three things would survive the wanton destruction of a nuclear holocaust: cockroaches, bacteria and Rayman. That's right, he's coming back. Age cannot wither him and mass indifference does not bother him because Ubi Soft have announced that the floppy-eared furry fool will return next year, with stylus and wireless play for Nintendo DS in tow.

But the limbless wonder is just one of the three games that the Gallic giant plans to pump out when DS appears over here. Also lined up for the same time is The Asphalt: Urban GT, which was a launch title in the US. For anyone who hasn't seen it before, it's a speedy street racer where 20 types of performance cars tear through nine different cities and race in modes including Cop Chase, Championship and Time Attack.

Already looking like an original and interesting game is Sprung, a dating simulation set in a fancy ski resort. Designed to be both saucy and funny, the game will feature multiple missions for male and female flirts, although we don't know quite how much it will rely on the DS's touch-sensitive screen.

The Asphalt: Urban GT, Rayman DS and Sprung will be released for Nintendo DS in March