Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party - UK exclusive minigame reveal


Although it's got the Jackass-alike logo, this is actually more like 'Hole in the Wall', where contestants have to shape their bodies to fit through shapes on an advancing wall. The idea here is to draw the shapes on the screen using the Wii-mote's pointer funcionality. It's easy at first (so long as you have a steady hand), but gets much, much faster - as our video shows. Up to four players can compete at once, but only two are playing here. Reckon you could do it?

Miss Fit

Resisting the urge to parody the Wii Fit Girl (pity), Ubisoft has insteadgiven us an equally amusingChuck Norris-alike Rabbid. The game is simple enough - just mimic the on-screen movements. You'll feel a complete tit (and, if it helps, you'll look like one too, especially doing the hip thrust or penguin moves), but at least the game knows when you're cheating, such as when you try putting down the remote to pretend you're standing still.

With only one player allowed to compete at a time, the others can choose which motions he or she should attampt, and everyone gets to rate each other at the end with a four-star rating system. We rated each other 0 stars. Aren't we nice?

Mount Kilimanbotty

This is the game we played back in the summer at Ubidays in Paris. You know, the one where you use your bum to control the game. Cuemuch smirking. If you don't have the balance board, you can still play by sitting down and tilting the Wii-mote and nunchuck. We also found that you can stand up. And let the nunchuck dangle (at least until you hit a stunt ramp). But it's more fun to pretend though, so go for it.

Perhaps the one-at-a-time gameplay could have been turned into a split-screen affair, but seeing as balance boards cost so much (and Wii has limited controller inputs), maybe that's impossible. Still, this is definitely one of the best minigames in TV Party.

Although that's the last of our exclusive reveals, it's worth noting that there are variations of all of these games depending on which day of the week it is in the game's TV schedule. Look out for our review and keep in mind that the game is due for release in the UK on November 14.