Raving Rabbids does 'tennis girl'

Rafael Nadal's savaging of sole Brit Wimbledon hope Andy Murray may have disappointed the UK tennis fans somewhat (come on, we all knew it was going to happen) but we've still got a weekend of racquet sports to look forward to. Ie. the inevitable Federer/Nadal face-off that we witnessed a year ago.

And that's the only Wimbledon-related preamble you're going to get out of us - if you want sports punditry go and look at the BBC website. You're here because GamesRadar has been given first dibs on an admittedly amusing render made

specially to cash in on the 100% increase in interest in tennis activity around Wimbledon fortnight. It's a rabbit scratching her arse. To be honest we preferred the original better but we can't use it here as it's the most copyrighted image on the Internet. Make do with the bunny and click her cheeks for a closer look.