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Ratatouille - first look

If Ratatouille weren't based on a film, its story - about a rat named Remy who wants to become a world-class French chef - would probably elevate it to weird-work-of-genius status. As it is, this platform-hopping adventure is relegated to the realm of baby games, although that doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Developed by Heavy Iron (makers of the surprisingly playable SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom), Ratatouille looks to deliver mercurial platforming gameplay that emulates everything from Super Monkey Ball to Zelda. In the levels we've seen so far on the 360 and Wii - which include a French marketplace, a farm populated by murderous chickens and several weird, food-themed dreamscapes - the action switched gears every few seconds. Remy is a versatile rat, able to hop across the tops of poles like Sly Cooper, raft down rivers in a tin can and roll around on top of big toy balls. He's also no slouch when it comes to beating down rat-sized enemies (with a waggle of the remote on the Wii version), and he gets even better at it if he can find a wooden spoon or an explosive hotsauce bottle.