This Rare-made horror short stars Banjo with a chainsaw

You might think of Rare's offices as a magical place, filled with mementos of beloved characters, a carefree atmosphere, and closets packed full of old Kinect dev kits. Any other time of year and you'd probably be right. But when Halloween nears, and the veil between worlds grows thin, the ghosts of franchises both new and old stalk the halls. With power tools.

Banjo with a chainsaw is menacing, sure, but I think that pinata is the one we really ought to be worried about. So much malice burning behind those papier mache eyes. Unfortunately, we may never discover the final fate of that over exuberant fanboy: Nightrare was a standalone trailer made for Rare's 2015 Creative Jam, and I believe it's planned for a full theatrical production roughly around the time Rare releases Banjo Threeie (read: never).

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