Rare confirms interest in 3DS, but not really... maybe

What would you do-o-o for a Klondike bar? Not much? How about for a Banjo-Kazooie game for 3DS? Before you go bike-jumping over the Grand Canyon, sit back, for now. Development studio Rare has teased on its blog that a Banjo game is on its way to the 3D Nintendo handheld.

In a Q&A section on the blog, Rare employee "Leigh" answered a question about the company's support for 3DS. In her post, she writes, "Banjo-3DSie confirmed!"

But before you go all bonkers, she follows that sentence immediately by saying, "Although by confirmed I do mean 100% utterly speculative."

Such a tease. Seriously. Although, obviously that message implies some sort of intent to work with Nintendo for its next handheld system. As Leigh points out, "We haven’t done much in the handheld 'space'... could we dip our toes in again at some point? Possibly. 3DS? Not for me to say. Bandai WonderSwan? No."

Well, we were sort of still hoping for a Rare game on the WonderSwan. But if it puts something out on the 3DS, that'll be good enough.

[Source:Rare Blog]

Nov 3, 2010