Rainbow Six Vegas promo

Friday 4 August 2006
This latest Rainbow Six Vegas trailer has developer Ubisoft Montreal clearly outlining what it is attempting to do with the next-gen special-ops action game.

Ubisoft Montreal was responsible for Rainbow Six 3, so knows all about the standards it has to match and hopefully beat in terms of realism and action. So the team is intending to use the power of 360 and PS3 to have slicker spec op animations and flashier particle effects to give the gamer the feeling that they're right at the heart of the action.

Also added are new tactics such as group rappel entry to the game, but it's completely up to the gamer if whether or not they are used. With objectives continually changing and briefings happening in real-time, gamers will have to have keen tactical minds as well as a sure shot in order to succeed.

Above: There's no place for gambling in Rainbow Six