Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

On: Xbox - OUT: Autumn

THE PITCH: Squad-based first-person shooting is back to put a halt to a bunch of dodgy military officers bent on creating war in oil-rich regions. Apart from the new campaign and setting, there are a number of multiplayer upgrades.


  • New single-player campaign with diversified objectives, new weapons and equipment, set in Mediterranean and Eastern European environments.
  • Improved enemy AI.
  • Objective-Based Game Modes - capture the point and capture the flag that have your teams capturing and holding designated points and items, respectively.
  • New Xbox Live features that include user-created tournaments, messaging and clan statistics.
  • A team lobby for online where a planning interface facilitates the development of team strategies before online matches begin.
  • Split-screen mode for offline co-op play with a mate for each single-player mission (plus two bots to make up your team).
  • THE BUZZ: A series with a solid reputation appears to be leaning heavily towards enhanced multiplay for on- and off-line fun. Squad-based shooters aren't for everyone but the series has proven itself before and we expect this to provide a similarly satisfactory experience.