An intro to the flora and fauna of PS4's survival platformer Rain World - or, how to not get eaten by lizards

When you're a lone slugcat fighting for survival in the harsh environments of Rain World, the PS4 survival platformer where you play as predator and prey, it helps to know your way around. Who is friend, who is foe, and who is lunch?

Thankfully, the devs themselves have put together this small portfolio of the creatures roaming Rain World's industrial wastes. Think of it as a beginner's guide aimed at helping you learn to recognize and navigate the ruins and hopefully keep you alive long enough to reunite with your family. Or, you know, just stop you from becoming lizard chow.


These leathery winged creatures migrate throughout Rain World feeding on insects and grubs. While they can sometimes be seen traveling groups of two or three, they are most often found swarming in rooms where their nesting grasses grow.

Green lizard

Large, temperamental, and featuring almost impenetrable skull, the green neon lizards of Rain World fear nothing. They can be fiercely territorial toward their own species, and the loud clashing of skulls as two lizards compete for dominance has been known to shake the very earth.

Pink lizard

The pink neon lizards are smaller than their green cousins but significantly more crafty and dexterous, making them appreciably more dangerous. They can move quickly, climb poles and have been known to track prey over long distances, which might be why they can be found in so many of Rain World’s regional ecosystems.


Their four wings make them skilled fliers, able to snatch prey such as bats out of the air. Cicadas will gang up on perceived resource competitors and try to bully them out of the hunting territory. Adolescents cicadas, distinguishable by their dark color, often act as hunters, leaving the stronger adults to guard the nest.

Mole mimic

Believed to have evolved sometime after the fall of the last civilization, this fern-like carnivorous plant has adapted to Rain World’s industrial / urban environments by developing the ability be become almost indistinguishable from the long metal poles used for infrastructure.

And others

There are a lot more creatures than just these to be found in Rain World, and you'll need to use all the resources at your disposal to survive. Good luck, and try not to get eaten.

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