Raid Over the River emerges

Tuesday 13 June 2006
Polish developer Nibris has announced Raid Over the River for DS, a vertical shoot-'em-up that's got a fair few ambitions up its sleeve.

Taking in a total of 10 stages, it's a journey through several eras of air combat - past, present and future - that sees a pilot attempting to foil the plans of an evil sect. The story stretches over some 3,000 years and straddles six dimensions, each one related to Earth, and features time travel that results in a non-linear game experience.

Above: We're not yet sure if the plot is highbrow or just plain barking, but we're definitely curious

All we know for the moment is that it's aiming to be an arty little number, a shooter with the kind of quirky ideas that could make or break it. It's a genre that's hardly been explored on DS, so here's hoping it'll be a success.

Nibris is also working on the equally intriguing Sadness for Nintendo's next console, a 'gothic horror' game rendered in a black and white style that's meant to be a tribute to pre-World War I cinema. See? Intriguing.