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RadarPlays - Gunstar Heroes

The Genesis was home to so many great games, some of which that were lost to the past until they got HD rereleases on 360/PS3. For example, Gunstar Heroes won over many hardcore fans in its time, but fans had forgotten it until recently. And while it was developer Treasure's first game, the run-and-gun shooter has the same challenging gameplay and gorgeous graphics fans would soon come to expect from then-new company. Editors Henry, Lucas, and Ryan dove into the game recently to test their skills against the notoriously tough title. Watch to see how terrible (or not) they do below...

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Henry Gilbert is a former GamesRadar+ Editor, having spent seven years at the site helping to navigate our readers through the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. Henry is now following another passion of his besides video games, working as the producer and podcast cohost of the popular Talking Simpsons and What a Cartoon podcasts.