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Gears of War has a lot to answer for. We haven’t even seen the game on PS3, nor are we likely to, but its influence is keenly felt in many games. Whether it’s Resident Evil 5’s alternate control set being tweaked to handle more like it or a blind-fire mechanic stealthily creeping into Killzone 2, Epic’s game has had many admirers try to replicate some of its traits.

We’ll never see GOW on PS3 thanks to Microsoft being its publisher, but Tecmo’s Quantum might just be the next best thing. On the surface of it, the similarities are there for all to see. There’s the steroid-abusing lead character, menacingly called Syd, and relentless third-person shooting in dark and oppressive claustrophobic environments.

That’s no bad thing, of course. There’s always a place for blockbusting action games and Tecmo is pushing the action element. There are thumping melee moves delivered via piston-like arms and assault rifles the size of Smart Cars, while bits of scenery explode in puffs of dust and debris with each projectile hit. Plus Tecmo is easily able to match Epic at the thrill-a-second stuff, being responsible for the hardcore Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

Movement and cover are both key, as there aren’t any areas where you can relax. As your wall is chipped away, you’ll have to identify a new spot which will allow you to take the fight to the enemy. It’s constant, your eyes darting around the screen all the time to try and spot your next move before it’s too late. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

You’ll have three weapons with you at any given time, but you’ll also have the support of a lady by the name of Filena, who has the ability to turn into a human missile, a useful last-ditch attack to call upon when the last bit of cover in the vicinity has been destroyed and you need to buy yourself some time to dash across open space. She’ll fire herself, and though this won’t necessarily kill a bigger enemy outright, she’ll do a good job of distracting it enough to buy you some time to save your skin. Trouble is, Filena’s attack will leave her vulnerable, and there’s every chance you’ll have to rush over and revive her when she’s clobbered. You should only resort to using her attack if you’re in dire straits, as you could end up causing yourself even more damage.