Quantum Error extended gameplay serves up 18 minutes of sci-fi horror

A new extended gameplay clip of Quantum Error has debuted as part of the Future Games Show

Developer TeamKill Media shared a 18-minute version of the trailer it debuted during the showcase, and we're excited to share it as a post-FGS exclusive. The gameplay is uncut and uncommented, leaving you alone with the desolation and horror of this futuristic Jupiter base where something has gone very wrong. OK, you're not really alone, but you probably won't like your company very much: while our hero is on a fire rescue mission and searching for survivors, it looks like there aren't many left that you'd still call human. Assuming they were ever human to begin with.

The trailer shows off extra detailed looks at how enemies will keep coming even as they're increasingly deformed from all the bits you've blown off, and how it feels to fight one-on-one with experimental beam weapons versus, say, a fire axe. There's even a scene where our heroic future firefighter puts out a future fire with a good old-fashioned emergency firehose.

The gameplay footage also pulls the camera back at several moments to show off more of Quantum Error's newly revealed third-person camera, which comes in handy for vehicular action, and for making the most of our hero's combat dodge ability.

Quantum Error is headed to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S - if you want to support the game's development, you can check out TeamKill's GoFundMe campaign.

Hopefully Quantum Error is ready to join the ranks of our best horror games once it finally arrives.

Connor Sheridan

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