Quantum Conundrum preview introducing heavy dimension

We’ve already outlined why this game is not like Portal, even though you are moving from room to room, solving physics-based puzzles to open the door. The reason for doing so is because you're playing as a 12-year-old boy, who is trying to find his uncle in his gigantic Victorian home. Instead walking through grey, sterile test chambers, you’re exploring a warm and oddly decorated house with funny artwork, cozy furniture and a bizarre amount of safes.

Above: Meet Dolly, she likes to vomit safes

The demo that was being shown at Microsoft’s Spring Showcase last week is essentially what is going to be released on Xbox Live as a trial that is designed to introduce you to the game’s mechanics. Depending on how quickly you can wrap your head around the puzzles, it’s a great demo that gives you a chance to test out several of the game’s puzzle-friendly dimensions. QC’s puzzles revolve around changing the physics of the room using an Interdimension Shift Device (I.D.S.). Fluffy dimension turns everything into soft plush, heavy dimension changes the weight of objects and makes them indestructible, and slow-motion dimension where tossed items move in… you guessed it, slow motion. There’s also a reverse gravity dimension that we didn’t get to play with, but it’s there and it’ll be sure to come in handy for those hard to reach switches.

In each room you’ll spend time examining your surroundings, trying to turn off laser beams, avoid deadly pits (who puts this in their house, honestly?) and hop along floating couches to get to the next area.

Above: Soooo soft!

Quantum Conundrum looks to encompass original, challenging puzzles wrapped up in a charming, family-friendly package that anyone can enjoy. No release date has been set but QC is likely to be released later this summer.

Sophia Tong
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