Qualcomm can build a phone with 'similar' performance to that of a PS3, says Qualcomm

Are you a hardcore gamer who shuns mobile games because they just don't rise to your level of sophistication? Then Qualcomm has just the kind of cell phone technology you've been waiting for.

Qualcomm, a leading provider of high-tech chips that power all sorts of electronic devices, has just released a "roadmap" for its future in the mobile phone business.

Between 2011 and 2013, the company will release the latest in its Adreno series of chipsets. In tiny chips just the size of a couple dozen nanometers, the Adreno 3XX line will pack a punch so powerful, it will have "similar" performance to that of the Xbox 360 and PS3, it claims.

Qualcomm says its current mobile technology rivals the processing power of the Wii and PS2. These Adreno chips are under the hood of some of today's top-of-the-line Android smartphones and have gained high praise for their relatively impressive processing power.

The newly-launched Windows Phone 7 operating system is relying heavily on its ability to attract a gaming crowd. Some have referred to it as an Xbox phone platform because it integrates with the user's Xbox Live account. If phone manufacturers start using Qualcomm's new chips and Microsoft's new operating system, then the idea of an "Xbox phone" might actually be closer to the truth that we may have expected.

Additionally, with phones this powerful and Qualcomm so strongly making comparisons to gaming consoles, will there ever be a point where we don't have dedicated handheld game systems and just choose our phones based on gaming preferences? Hmm...that's probably a discussion for another day.


Nov 19, 2010