Quake Wars goes back to basics

Dec 13, 2007

Splash Damage's next update for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will include a training mode to ease new players into the multiplayer action.

"The single greatest hurdle to ensuring great game-play online is getting new players to understand the basics of team-play, and the subsequent amazing buzz that comes from coordination," the developer says of the upcoming 1.4 update.

"The new Training Mode helps achieves this by teaching new players how to make effective use of the Mission System, how to pursue the team's Objectives, how to deploy on the battlefield, requesting health, capturing and liberating spawns, understanding revives, using their Radio, etc, while playing with Bots that are a little more forgiving - they'll focus on your support, while leaving you to complete the Missions you're on, until such time as the match really needs to move forward."

The developer adds that it's recorded actor voice-overs "for tons of additional Tool Tips," in addition to including a pause feature "that will help guide new players by pausing the game and then pointing them at important way-points to better understand the geography of each map.”

On top of the new training mode, v1.4 boasts new user interface features, ETQW: TV for spectator action, auto-downloading of user-made maps and general gameplay balancing improvements.

Splash Damage says it hopes to have the new Quake Wars update out before Christmas. You can read a review of the gamehere.

Courtesy of CVG.