Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Cheats

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by daver


    Ace Pilot (Silver) - You have reached Level 50.
    Data Acquisition (Bronze) - You have unlocked a rumor.
    Eighth of the Lost (Bronze) - You have unlocked all Psi Powers.
    Fighter Pilot (Bronze) - You have won 5 ranked PlayStation?Network matches.
    FTL Travel (Bronze) - You have hacked a LeapGate.
    Gamma's Downfall (Gold) - You have defeated the Gamma Sphere.
    Illumination (Bronze) - You have defeated the Luminary Archive.
    Master Hacker (Bronze) - You have hacked 30 LeapGates.
    Rock Star (Bronze) - You have successfully mined 10 asteroids.
    Smooth Talker (Silver) - You have completed the Haggling minigame with 6 Gems or fewer on the board.
    Soul Gatherer (Bronze) - You have captured a Soulless and discovered their true nature.
    Space-Time Anomaly (Silver) - You have won 50 ranked PlayStation®Network matches.