How to use the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

Using the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West
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Remembering how to use the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West is like rediscovering a superpower. For anyone diving back into Horizon Forbidden West for the new Burning Shores DLC, it's easy to forget all the combat and traversal options Aloy has at her disposal - after all, it's been a year since the original release. However, the Pullcaster continues to be an integral part of exploration in the Burning Shores expansion. 

You'll know that you'll need to use your Pullcaster when you see a blue metal panel that looks like this:

Using the Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West

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To use your Pullcaster in Horizon Forbidden West, you need to aim with L2 as you would with a bow or other weapon, but then press triangle to switch to the Pullcaster. 

You can then attach it to the blue metal to peel it away to reveal the passage or area beyond. 

However, there are a few puzzles in the Burning Shores DLC that require you to be flying on the Sunwing before you use the Pullcaster, so progress in the story to regain your winged mount first before attempting those. You'll know them because there's just simply not enough space to get the distance required to use your Pullcaster successfully. When you get near them you'll see a prompt that looks like two bird feet, then it's just a case of hitting triangle to rip out the blue panel in the same way as your Pullcaster can.

Using the Sunwing to open a blue metal door in Horizon Forbidden West

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Interestingly, there are quite a few new skills that involve using your various tools from the back of your Sunwing, so the Burning Shores DLC really is putting the emphasis on your winged steed more than the base game did. There is also a new WaterWing machine, which can fly like a SunWing but also dive under the water. It's got a more pelican-like neck with a pouch under its head. 

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