PSP price cut rumours quashed

Monday 14 August 2006
PSP will not drop in price, Sony has confirmed, despite recent reports by US analysts that a price cut is imminent.

"There is a [PSP] price cut coming in the second half of the year," said PJ McNealy of American Technology Research, as he reasoned that PSP has "lost momentum" and Sony needs to chase the runaway success of Nintendo's DS. However, when we contacted Sony we were told: "There are no plans to cut the price of PSP at this time." Although, this doesn't rule out a price cut in the foreseeable future, of course.

The price-cut predictions come at the same time as publisher Electronic Arts' announcement that it is shifting its handheld focus from Sony's machine to Nintendo's far more successful DS.

Even if Sony were to slash PSP's price by £50, it would still leave it as the more expensive handheld choice. Would you buy a PSP over a DS Lite if they were equally priced? Why not discuss it in our forum?