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PSP on your TV arrives: See the video

Back in July Sony announced that the new Slim PSP would come complete with a video out port, allowing users to plug the PSP into a TV and see everything on a big screen.

However, the cable required to do this, a PSP component cable, has been hard to get hold of. We had to get ours from Ebay. But now we%26rsquo;ve got it and put it to the test, we have to say, we%26rsquo;re suitably impressed.

For %26pound;12.99, the price of the official cable, you can transfer games from the small PSP screen to a big screen TV. There%26rsquo;s no lag to speak of nor any drop in quality once the image reaches your telly box. And although the games don%26rsquo;t output full screen, as you can see in the video below, it%26rsquo;s still certainly big enough to see what you%26rsquo;re doing from a distance.

Slide in a UMD movie on the other hand (you do have one right?), and the display fills the screen while looking equally as good asit doeson the PSP.

Overall, if you have a new PSP Slim, but still crave to get your big screen gaming fix, then this is well worth the money. Still not convinced? Check out the video below to see the cable in action.

We made some phone calls to major stores, such as GAME and HMV,and checked on numerous website but could only find the PSP component cable in stock at Gamestation. So if you want one, you better get your skates on.