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PSN 10% discount codes live for weekend savings

Got something you've been meaning to buy on PSN? This is the weekend to do it. Sony's set its limited-time discount codes live, offering 10 percent off on almost anything you could want on its digital storefront.

I'll qualify that statement in a bit, but first, the codes! If you live in the US, you'll want to use KF56EM5KB3. And if you live in the UK, your code of choice will be T6R3KB529K (check the official blog for more regions). Type those suckers in at checkout and you'll get 10 percent off your total purchase, except for subscription-type stuff like PS Plus or rental videos… or pre-orders.

The discount codes, which Sony set up as a way to make amends for PSN's holiday downtime, do not apply to digital pre-orders. Kind of lame, but I can see why Sony made that exception - savvy buyers who don't mind dropping a bunch of cash at once could just pre-order every upcoming game they want and reap the savings for months ahead.

Instead, you'll have to be content with a decent discount on currently available stuff, including PS3, PS4, and PS Vita games, DLC, TV, and movies. Act fast, though - the codes expire at 9 am PST / GMT on January 26.

PS Plus members who were subscribed over the holidays will also soon find their subscriptions automatically extended by five days to make up for the downtime.

Connor Sheridan
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