PSM video podcast

You already know that your wallet isn't going to survive November 17, 2006 - but what about your noggin? Our beloved sister publication of all things PlayStation, PSM, has amust-see video survival guide to getting home in one piece. That is, if you are lucky enough to score a white-hot slice of gaming nirvana - otherwise known as the PlayStation 3.

PSM even brought in a "Security Expert" for the occasion. Well, okay, it's GamesRadar's own PC editor Josh LaTendresse, but apparently he's former military, a self-defense instructor and damn ugly, so he'll do. He's got some good advice, though,so listen up, kids!

Don't worry; if he bores you to sleep, the PSM boys should lift your spirits with a comedic take on his advice. You gotta love the PSM staffers and theirunwavering dedication to self-embarrassment.

September 22, 2006