PS5 will let you record voice chats and report them to moderators

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Sony has clarified a controversial pop-up PS4 players are seeing that warns them their voice chats could be recorded, explaining that the message is referring to a PS5 launch feature that will let you send recordings to moderators for review.

In response to PS4 players concerned that Sony could be recording their in-game chats, the company updated the original announcement of update 8.00 with some additional information. Essentially, it sounds like PS5 players will be able to record voice chats with toxic, offensive, or abusive players and send the evidence over to Sony's moderators in a report. Here's the complete statement from Sony:

"Following this update, users are seeing a notification about Party Safety and that voice chats in parties may be recorded. Voice chat recording for moderation is a feature that will be available on PS5 when it launches, and will enable users to record their voice chats on PS5 and submit them for moderation review. The pop up you're seeing on PS4 right now is to let you know that when you participate in a chat with a PS5 user (post-launch), they may submit those recordings from their PS5 console to SIE."

Interestingly enough, it sounds like the feature won't be available on PS4. That could be because the PS5 DualSense controller includes a built-in mic, while the PS4's DualShock doesn't. Either way, Sony has confirmed in a separate statement over on Twitter that it isn't recording voice chats, so it sounds like this is a feature explicitly designed to allow PS5 players to report other players.

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