PS4 won't let you suspend and resume gameplay at launch

If you want to experience most of the nifty next-gen features Sony flaunted forPS4, you'll need to download a day-one update, according to the PlayStation Blog. The 300 MB patch (mysteriously numbered 1.50)is annoying though not unexpected, but one convenience will remain unavailable even after installing it: suspending and resuming games.

It's meant to make PS4 titles as easy to pick up and put down as a mobile game: you simply suspend the game when you want to take a break for a while, putting the system in a low-power state, and resume it almost instantly when ready to start again.

Don't let that keep you from installing update 1.50, though, unless you don't want to:

  • Remote play with PS Vita
  • Use second screen with PS Vita or PlayStation App on iOS and Android
  • Record video/take screenshots and share them
  • Broadcast and spectate gameplay on Twitch or Ustream
  • Play as you download games
  • Log in with multiple users
  • Voice chat with a party of friends
  • Log in with facial recognition and navigate with voice commands (via PS Camera)
  • Play background music via Music Unlimited
  • Play Blu-ray discs and DVDs
  • Or play online with PS Plus

Sony plans to say more about upcoming PS4 features in the near future.

Connor Sheridan

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