Turn your PS4 back into a PS1 with this handsome skin

If you weren't able to snag one of those gorgeous PS4 20th Anniversary Edition systems (which wouldn't be surprising, seeing as Sony only made 12,300 of them), now you can turn your regular old PS4 into the next best thing with this original PlayStation skin.

UK sneaker artist Dominic Lowman has designed a whole set of PS4 skins, and while most of them are inspired by iconic shoe boxes, my favorite is the PlayStation recreation. I particularly appreciate how it's not just a high-res photo of an original PlayStation - it's more an idealized memory of the iconic grey plastic box, with sharp lines and gradient shading to set off the "buttons." Just don't get caught up in nostalgia and try to cram your Final Fantasy 7 discs in the top.

The shoe box designs are pretty fly, too, if you're into that sort of thing, and either way they're all £24.99 / about $39. You can snag a pre-order from Lowman's print studio page.

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Connor Sheridan

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