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PS4 8.00 update launches today but players are already reporting problems

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Update: The PS4 8.00 update appears to have introduced several errors for players.

New error codes, such as WS-44369-6, have been spotted after the update has been downloaded, as well as reports of the Friends List becoming inaccessible after the update. Multiple GamesRadar's staff members have downloaded the update and are unable to access their friends list.  

We've got in touch with PlayStation to clarify if they're aware of these issues and will update this story if we hear back from them. 

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Original: The PS4 8.00 update launches today and will bring big changes to the way you set up a Party, PlayStation has announced. On the official PS Blog, Sid Shuman, senior director at SIE Content Communications, explains some of the sweeping changes you can expect in this update. He writes: "Following this update, Party and Messages will be more tightly linked together and you will see changes to the UI. Both apps will now use the same ‘Groups’ of players for Party voice chats and message exchanges, instead of having different groups setup across the two apps. So now you can start a Party chat or send a message to the group you’ve previously chatted with across PS4, as well as PS5 when it launches." 

While it's nice to see that groups we've played with over the past few years will be able to join us on PS5, there's plenty more in the update. You can expect a new range of avatars from games such as Bloodborne, God of War, The Last of Us 2, Uncharted 4, and more. On top of that, the Parental settings are getting simplified, as well as enhanced 2 step verification on the console. 

The update is also making changes to other areas of the PS4's ecosystem. With the update's installation, you won't be able to create private events any more, as well as private communities. If you're currently in a private community, you'll still be able to access it. 

Finally, the blog post also mentions that the PS4 Remote Play app is becoming the PS Remote Play app, re-confirming that you'll be able stream PS5 games from your console to a mobile or PC. 

Can't wait for PS5? Neither can we, which is why we've rounded up all the PS5 launch games here.  

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