PS4 4.70 update adds improved performance, individual tournament match results, and new icons

Update: Maybe hold off on downloading update 4.70 if you can, as users are reporting frozen consoles.

Original story: Sony released PS4 update 4.70 to the public today. According to the text that appears when the update is installed, this patch "improves the quality of the system performance." A tweet from the PlayStation account also mentions individual match results in Tournaments.

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Sidenote: Even though the tweet contains a link supposedly leading to more info on the update, as of writing it actually leads to information on update 4.55. However, a post on the EU PlayStation forums confirms the aforementioned features.

Reddit users have also discovered new icons for the PlayStation Store, PSVue, PS Video, PSNow, and Spotify. The new look focuses more on simple, modern design and fewer 3D effects like shadows and highlights. Here's one example, courtesy of user JDubled. Old:


I think it's a subtle but noticeable difference.

Elsewhere in PlayStation-land, the PS3 has ended production, and you can catch the watch the Sony E3 2017 press conference at a local theater (with potential prizes and goodies!).

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