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PS3s being used by Scottish prisoners to charge their illegal phones. Oh the humanity!

In the words of a certain Matt Cundy: “Are you muggin’ me off!” Well, if you’re referring to inmates in a Scottish jail, we’d have to say yes. Y’see, certain no gooders in Addiewell Prison have been using a combination of mouse cables and PS3s to charge their illegal mobile phones.

Honestly, can’t these cons just use their PS3s to beat ladies of the night to death in GTA IV like any other normal, non law-abiding citizen? The answer, is sadly no. Instead, certain inmates have been stealing PC mice from English and maths classes, and then using the USB cable to connect phones (which they’re not allowed to have) to their PS3s.

Speaking to the Daily Record a source at the jail said: “Bosses couldn't work out why so many mice were going missing. But they found a couple plugged in to PlayStations during cell searches and the penny dropped. The USB connection fits perfectly into a port of the games consoles and the wires are manipulated so they can charge mobile handsets.”

Above: British prisoners have been enjoying the wonders of the PlayStation family for years

What next? Using the prison’s supply of Wiis to dig Shawshank-style holes in their cells? Trading PSPs for preferential treatment in the canteen? Using original Xboxes to beat each other into comas with. If you ask us, they should take away their consoles and give them all a nice games of KerPlunk instead.

Source: Daily Record

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Jan 19, 2010